Your language can play a large part in helping you meet your goals or not. Are you good at using words that can undermine your value and then you get tripped up and sabotage yourself?

I wonder if you are a ‘just’ girl or a ‘actually’ girl or maybe a ‘kind of’ or ‘sorry but’ person. These are all phrases that you may use without realising that they are words that do not support you in your greatness.

JUST is a word women use a lot. We introduce it into out sentences without even being aware that it means we are trying to justify ourselves. It sounds like we are feeling awkward or apologetic about what we have to say.
I JUST want to check in and see…….
I’m JUST wondering…….
I’m JUST concerned that…..
Now that you have had this pointed out to you, you will become aware of how many times you say and write JUST. We all know awareness is our biggest friend so now you know, you can change it to something more empowering. Good luck with this because I found it quite difficult at first, to come up with another word. I now say HOWEVER and I am open to learn some new words that could replace the dreaded JUST. Maybe it is about leaving it out altogether and getting used to not needing to fill the gap with something else.

Tweak your wording too, when you find yourself saying ACTUALLY.
I ACTUALLY have a question….
I ACTUALLY disagree….
I ACTUALLY think…..
ACTUALLY makes it sound as if you are surprised that you have a question or that you may simply disagree or not.

KIND OF/ALMOST are words you use often unconsciously, when you are uncomfortable asserting ideas with certainty or when you’re afraid of coming on too strong for others. Good girls would never do this!

SORRY BUT is definitely needed when you have a sincere apology to make, however many women are unconsciously apologising for taking up space, having something to say, or asking questions.

The last one I can think of is A LITTLE BIT.
I’d like to take a few minutes of your time….
I’d like to tell you a little bit about the new product….
It is like what you say is not worth taking up too much time. This is utter tripe and as we get older (thank goodness) we stop worrying so much about what others think and we talk more from a place of depth and love.

Over the coming week start observing what words you use that belittle you as a mother, grandma and woman. It is now the time to yell your greatness from the rooftops girl.

I have things to say, important things that I need to say to someone and words that can validate me.

Midlife is the time to step up and step out. Once you take that first step, momentum will begin and before you know it you will be upping your brave.


Sharleen x