How does a weekend retreat sound? There will be so much fun and pleasure; open fires, spa baths, massage, optional yoga, yummy food and a rich red to help you relax. Three days where you can finally get away from e-mails, phone calls, meal making, endless errands and lists.

After a life time of being all things to all people this is your time to take a breath and begin to discover who you want to be moving forward into your next chapter. I offer the  stepping stones that will motivate and excite you to begin your next step. This retreat will fast track you to what ever that place will look, feel and sound like for you. And maybe none of this is needed however some girl time is definitely on the cards. This is fine too!

This retreat is for:
Women who want to do more however are running out of fuel and need a refill.
Women who need some time out to relax and replenish while learning some new skills.
Women who have been ignoring the alarm bells and continue to push themselves.
Women who aim for passion and seeing possibilities rather than constraints.
Capable women, career women, entrepreneurial women, aspiring and motivating women.
Women who want to do what they do better – less juggle and more play and joy in their life.
Women who are wandering where to from here and are ready for a change and perhaps get overwhelmed where to begin.
And women who are ready to step off the roller coaster of potential burn out and over commitment. Women who want to bring  pleasure, purpose and play back into their life.

Sound like you? When women gather there is love, camaraderie, lots of story telling and yes, big glorious belly laughs.  I don’t have all the answers however what I know to be true is that when you stop long enough (not easy for many busy women) you’ll discover that you know a lot more than you think. In my previous retreats I have been blown away by the change in the women. The results have been magical, women have found new friends, some have discovered they have an untapped artist, writer or a potential photographer within them that needs unleashing. One women is on her way overseas as I write this blog,  to give a seminar in Canada and Portugal. Her confidence has hit the roof after the retreat..
 This is what some women said about the retreat:

“Wonderful time of communion with like minded women in a beautiful location”.
“I feel energised and ready to face the world with some great tools I learnt at Sharleens retreat”.
“The retreat has been life changing for me”
“Wow I feel so relaxed and motivated, This was just what I needed. Thank you Sharleen”
There are two interviews on my website if you need more convincing.


The next retreat is on June 23rd to 25th from 11am Friday to 4pm Sunday. There is plenty of down time over the weekend to have time out and everything I have on offer is optional.  I want to make this weekend a no-brainier by offering you a Mothers day special. Talk to your hubby, sons, daughters or friends. I had three birthday girls on my first retreat who had the weekend  gifted to them.

For anyone who pays the first deposit by 10pm Sunday 14th May (Mothers day) you will receive a $100 gift voucher from me. This voucher can be used to reduce the cost of the retreat, a massage at the retreat or some drinks with Saturday nights dinner. You will also receive a 100ml bottle of aromatic mist made with the divine Do Terra essential oils.  Pop over to the link and book and pay now

Love to see you at the Winter Wellness retreat my gorgeous women friends. Please spread the word and  get a group of your friends to come.