Have you noticed how many times you use the word good?

I was a ‘good’ girl, meaning I often responded with the word ‘good’ when people asked me how I was. I once got pulled up on this and so I decided to turn up the volume on my response and I started using the word ‘great.’ Once I did this I noticed I felt different, rather than feeling ‘good’ I felt ‘great.’ So after a couple of weeks I turned the volume up some more and I started using words like:


Once again I started to feel fabulous, even more, I started to feel awesome and incredible. It amazed me that by changing my response to a simple question my energy picked up and I noticed the other persons energy increased. I noticed that people wanted to enter into more lively conversation, there was more of a connection and people wanted to know how it was that I felt fabulous all the time.

Try it out and even if it means faking it till you make it. I did and now there is no faking, I am living an incredible life and feel grateful every single day.

If you would like a list of words to extend your responses to the question “how are you?” then click here to download a FREE list. (It’s at the bottom of the page)

Have a unstoppable week, live your dreams and be brilliant.

Sharleen x

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