Hi to all the beautiful midlife women who are taking the time to read my blog. It is a delight to know you haven’t given up on me completely. Yes, for many reasons I have taken some down time, however trust me I have still been working on my business. I am now ready to share with you all my exciting news and I am back. BOLDER, BRIGHTER and with more BEAUTY!

My first bit of exciting news is I now have a new website called www.midlifecourage.co.nz and I would love for you to pop on over and look.  All comments are welcome as this process has been a huge stretch for me as you will see by the photos. I have my lovely face plastered all over the site.

I have always felt for me that I wanted my midlife years to be BOLD, BRIGHT and BEAUTIFUL. BOLD, as in I always knew it would take courage to put myself back out in the business world. BRIGHT, meaning I want to spread my light brightly and share with others what I have gained as a midlife woman. Such potent and extraordinary times. Lastly the BEAUTIFUL which is the quality I found the most challenging. We all grew up in a society that didn’t honour women’s beauty, and nothing has changed. If you are a size 8, have long blonde hair and big boobs then you are beautiful by society’s standards, otherwise join the reject pile. Now I don’t want to focus on this, other than to let you know that I now feel more comfortable in my skin than I have for a very long time.

Secondly, I also want you to change my email to sharleen@midlifecourage.co.nz. Both these changes have been part of my strategy to get clearer and more focused on my systems. This has been another slight stretch as I have a personality that favours flow and ease mixed with play over structure and consistency. Having a functioning website has already been beneficial for my business and helps keep my playful character partly on a leash.

Thirdly, I have fined tuned my branding and you will start seeing this on my Facebook and Instagram posts. My logo is the same however I have added some brightness to my branding. I hope you like it!

From next week, I am offering you 7 weeks of free learning’s around what Midlife Courage means for me and hopefully for you. I will be doing an acronym on COURAGE. I used to love doing this at school and I am enjoying reclaiming this form of presentation into my advertising. Next week I will be starting with ‘C’ for Midlife Crisis to Midlife Chrysalis mixed with some Midlife Courage.

Fourthly, you would have seen that I now have an amazing product to compliment my business. I use and sell Do Terra essential oils. Did you know I had a Naturopathy Diploma? Yes, I studied for three years in the eighties and had a thriving business until I stopped to become a mum. However, I have always weaved complimentary health into my family life and work situations. I am so excited to now reclaim another of my skills that can help midlife women. Yell out if you want to find out about my hot flush and sleep blends. Both these issues seem to be two of the big complaints I hear from my you. I also offer FREE 30 minute consultations on the phone so please book a session on my new site!

Next, I know some of you have been following my creative process online. I took the plunge and decided it was time to explore the painter within. WOW, what an exciting process and a fun way of exploring issues that have been starting to whisper in my ear. Creativity has always been one of my core values and a lot of the local women have known for a while that I am a crochet queen and a renegade yarn bomber. I think one of the biggest learnings I have had with starting a business in my fifties has been a phrase that I hold dearly and see as a constant mantra. “Stick to your knitting”, well in my case, crocheting!

I tell you this because another pattern I have witnessed for midlife women is their creativity is often linked to the new awareness around how they want to design the next phase of their life.  Would you love to write a book? become an artist?  start to dance or sing, or join a circus? I haven’t really heard this one yet, however the others I have heard repeatedly. Sadly, though so many of us have creativity scars from our childhood that these dreams become buried. However, isn’t it fantastic that at midlife, if you can find the courage, you can bring these dreams into your new reality and life.

Time for me to sign off, however I truly want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading this blog, which is the first of weekly ones for 2017. If you no longer want to stay with Midlife Courage, then please feel free to unsubscribe. Your honesty is my reward as I  want to connect with those who truly get me and want to be part of my community and what I can offer you within this community.


If you are staying, then please pop on over to www.midlifecourage.co.nz and enjoy having a wander around my site. If you would like the list of FREE delicious word’s, then you need to email me on sharleen@midlifecourage.co.nz to receive them.  (Only newbies can get them online!)  Would love to hear from you and if I can guide you to bring more BOLDNESS, BRIGHTNESS and BEAUTY into your life, then I am your girl.