Does anyone remember this book or movie that came out roughly fifteen years ago? It was about a midlife woman who flew from London to Greece and fell for a spunky Greek God. She had an urge (not that sort of one, get your mind out of the gutter!), a whisper  that kept saying to her, ” you still have more to do, you need to have an adventure.” So many women start hearing these whispers around midlife because after a lifetime of being all things to all people suddenly something starts changing.

Stella got the courage and after living all her life in England she decided she needed some excitement. Now I am definitely not suggesting you go and have an affair with a hottie (unless you are single and then maybe), however I am saying start getting curious around  what you can do to get your groove back. This is the theme of this weeks acronym around the letter ‘G’ for my 7 week COURAGE exploration.

I believe curiosity is one of the main building blocks at midlife. It simply means eager to learn, arousing or exciting speculation…..  I am suggesting  if you know you have another few chapters to live and you are uncertain of what they may look like, then start getting curious and start collecting all of your past  skills, talents and experiences. All of this wisdom becomes part of the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle  and at midlife you need to start putting the pieces together and by becoming curious you can begin to do this. My past clients have shared with me, that they are searching for purpose and want to find their essence again. They want to welcome the person they left behind while meeting the needs of others.

This all sounds amazing however  where to begin. If you do know then there are still the internal voices of low confidence, the overwhelm queen and Ms self indulgen. This is followed by a biggie,  finding it difficult to give yourself permission to jump of the cliff. The fear gets in the way and free falling is not an exciting ride! I can’t blame you, however what about looking at growing wings first and then you may actually fly (This is what I call the chrysalis stage.) When you allow yourself this time that final piece of the puzzle starts falling into place, a large piece that is colourful and fits perfectly into the center of the puzzle. That piece is YOU!

To get your groove back start getting curious. When I  got curious  it was life changing. I googled the word  ‘midlife’ after feeling tired of not being able to answer the questions that were getting louder all the time. “Why wasn’t I feeling satisfied with being a mother anymore?” I had been a bloody good one and loved to people please, nurture and care and this role had given me so much joy  “Why did I keep feeling I had more in me?” and “what was it I could be doing now?” Whilst doing my research I came across a quote that practically leapt of the page and knocked the wind right out of me, “women die in their fifties and often aren’t buried till their eighties! I thought wow, if I potentially had another thirty years left I certainly didn’t want to be lost in the wilderness. I started changing my life from here and you know the rest of this story. If not pop over to my about page on

There is nothing more satisfying for me as a coach to witness women getting their groove back. Often at midlife it is around creative work. Clients of mine have gone traveling, wrote a book, joined a choir, started horse riding again. after years of leaving this  joy behind. This is a clue around getting curious. What did you love to do when you were younger? what books did you love to read? what games did you love to play? These will give you valuable information to get you grooving again. Start listening to the whispers and if anything stirs something inside of you, then get curious around this. It is only by trying something that you will begin to know if you are on track. Use that freedom, resilience, tenacity and give things a go.

Presently here in New Zealand we have the World Masters Sport event on. I popped down to Lake Koropiro yesterday to watch my sister perform. I loved seeing so many midlife women who had found their groove and were rowing. No little children to be seen, here were mother’s giving themselves permission to groove it out on the lake. How cool is that?

Now the wonderful thing about this journey is you don’t need to do it on your own. Having a coach who has been there and will have your back is incredible. I did this for my journey and still to this day I have my monthly coaching session. I urge you to step out of that place of confusion, overwhelm and fear and start claiming clarity, focus and excitement back into your life. Find your particular groove that will keep you dancing? singing? or perhaps surfing in Bali? Yes, I have a 56 year old friend who is doing this as I write. I also offer a fast track way of getting you on a plane to where ever you so desire. I hold retreats in a luxury 5 start lodge, I know you will have to get indulgent on yourself however think of all the pennies you may have spent on your children or your career. This is your time. Pop on over to my website where all the information is and I would also like to offer you a FREE 30 minute call to discuss your particular needs. Book now for one of my last four places for the month.

Hope you are enjoying my spin on the acronym for the word COURAGE. If you are missing out on this excitement then click here to connect you to the fun

I must say this has been my favourite letter so far and next week’s finale is also looking explosive. Talk next week my friends.