The above words are used everyday by me. Now that I have added a product to my business I am constantly having to put myself in situations that feel uncomfortable. It would be easier to stay in my comfy zone and not push myself however I find nothing changes if I do this.

I have always liked change and growth – I think my personality and maybe my star sign leans towards having variety in my life. I was always the kind of kid that couldn’t keep still and would flip from one thing to another. Change and growth come with a lot of challenges and rewards so keeping my bag of life tools overflowing definitely helps. Using the power of words has been a skill that assists me enormously. I love it when I hear some words that resonate with me.

Have you got something you have been meaning to do however you keep putting it off? Maybe the timing is right for you to get uncomfortable and take the leap – or maybe a leap is too scary.

  • Start with the philosophy of taking small steps, test the waters by putting your big toe in first.
  • Check out where you are ready to make a change and try using the powerful words ‘Get Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable.’
  • Say it a few times until you feel ready to tackle things. It really does make a difference.
  • Start small or start big, the choice is yours.

I would love to know how you get on, so comment in the box below and until next week be brave, be bold and make a change that deep down you know will feel satisfying and uplifting.

Sharleen x