It seems like I have some Brene Brown supporters in my group, isn’t she amazing? And the work she is doing is very impactful. It is important for everyone to be in contact with people who are on your side and support you through thick and thin. Midlife certainly can have it’s challenges as well as opportunities so being around people that resonate with you is what can help you get back up if you fall and help you to get your stride going again.

You are so lucky to have people online that inspire and encourage you to be the best you can be. I know if I am feeling down, then I can go to my Instagram feed and read some inspirational posts that will lift my energy and then I can get back into flow. Some of you may not have journeyed down the social media line and that’s totally understandable at the age we are at. Navigating my way around social media has been a huge learning curve and honestly a headache at times, however the more I gain my confidence the more I enjoy getting online. Remember there are always books to read and talking books and podcasts can also be helpful. The more tools you can gather as you discover the next chapter within you, the more equipped you will be to action your discoveries.

When I turned fifty I ventured over to Italy for a month with my sister as a well deserved holiday to celebrate this milestone. We had an amazing time and when I came home I knew I wanted to travel more. How does a woman who has entered her fifties make this happen? Thank goodness for Ms Google – I entered ‘opportunities for fifty plus women’ and waited eagerly to see what miraculous answers would appear. This simple act was a game changer for me because a quote appeared that changed my life.

As you know I have become a firm believer in being curious and open to the magic of midlife because synchronicities have constantly appeared in front of me like breadcrumbs leading me towards new passions and desires.

“Woman die in their 50’s however they are not buried till their 80’s.”

This was the quote that struck me in a profound way. I thought wow, if I still have potentially 30 years left in me I certainly didn’t want to be lost in the wilderness. I got excited, motivated and eager to start exploring what I could do with these 30 years. I was brought up to believe that life was nearly over at 50 and the productive years were coming to an end. 50 meant you were really, really old and menopause was all you had to look forward to. Now I was read new stories everywhere that are the opposite to the dis-empowering stories that my mother had inadvertently written for me to witness.

Synchronicity came knocking at my door and I saw a advertisement for training to become a Life Coach. It seemed all the stars were aligned for me to step into this new career. I had always been a carer and a helper and my interest in wellness rather than illness had been my constant companion throughout my life. Since saying yes to the opportunity to become a Life Coach, my midlife journey has taken many turns that has involved traffic lights, reversing, cul-de-sac, cross roads and intersections.

One of the many green lights I followed took me to Joan Anderson. A fabulous woman who has become one of my top five mentors. As you know I went half way around the world to meet Joan which was certainly a 2017 highlight. I would love to share with you the why, how, where, when and who of this encounter. Next Friday I will give a brief talk before I showcase a movie that is a first to N.Z. I had an email from Joan yesterday and she told me it was highly unlikely that the movie would hit the NZ and Australia cinemas. I feel very fortunate that Joan sent me a copy that I can now share with you.

Year By The Sea is based on Joan’s first book that was written 24 years ago and is still read by many women world wide. It is based on her memoirs of courageously taking a year away from her normal life to discover who she was now that the role of being a mother had been made redundant, at least in the way she had known it for the last twenty odd years. This movie is an easy watch, feel good chick flick. So if you feel like a night of fun, friendship and food with fabulous women, then click here to buy a ticket. You can also go online and pay directly to my bank account. Use the code: movie and your name, and deposit $25 to 030481015755001.

I would love to met some of you next Friday night because as you know something special happens when you get together with like minded women. Friendships, networking and forming relationships is our specialty. For any out of town people I am happy to bring Midlife Courage and the movie to your neck of the woods. Let me know if you are interested in this option. Support and friendship is another ‘must have’ as you navigate your forties and beyond.

Tickets to the movie are available here

Sharleen x