Over the last couple of weeks I have been having an interesting time. I thought for a while there my path went straight ahead and I was happy strolling along enjoying the autumn colours and watching buds appearing ready in anticipation for their blossoming. The path was smooth with no surprise pot holes and life was feeling easy.

However, I should know by now that life comes with surprises especially if you have a curious mind and you know you get distracted by unusual features. It was about two years ago I noticed a partly opened gate and when I stopped and looked ahead I noticed a different track, it looked inviting, it was green and vibrant with new fruits appearing from the trees. I cautiously decided to have a peep and see where this path would lead.

This path led to the amazing world of DoTerra essential oils. I had been looking for a product that could compliment my coaching business and once I started investigating the path there was no turning back. Did I get distracted from Midlife Courage? Slightly, however I kept faithful to my community of amazing midlife women and continued to coach women who felt lost and confused.

Life was rocking along and I loved the balance of coaching and bringing my life long interest of alternate health practises back into my life and business. My Naturopathy Diploma went back on the wall and I started to reclaim another strand of my life. My sleep improved after a nine year journey of insomnia which as you can imagine spiked my curiosity even more. I had spent a fortune on Allopathic and Naturopathic remedies to no avail so once the essential oils improved my sleep patterns I was sold.

This year has been about bringing the two paths together and now that path has become wider and my excitement levels have gone through the roof. I can’t begin to tell you how amazing I feel with my daily layering of oils. I carry a clutch of emotional oils with me everyday – they encourage, inspire and uplift me and help me to remain focused and aligned to my vision. These oils work on so many levels and the people of New Zealand are going crazy over them.

Now, what has changed over the last two weeks?

I started having this crazy idea that maybe it was time to let go of Midlife Courage and work full time (by the way 20 hours a week is full time for me) with DoTerra. I put my blog on hold, did you notice? and I went with the flow and bounced some ideas around in my head and talked to some people. Life has a way of guiding you in the right direction when you need it, if you have some clear intentions. Firstly. It didn’t take me long to realise I love you girls and I have invested too much time, energy and pennies into letting this go and secondly too many midlife women are walking around numb and accepting this as normal. It is time to wake up – truly wake up.

Life is far too short and precious to be walking around in a menopausal haze with low energy, minimal sleep and brain fog. Menopausal symptoms are rife and statically are climbing. The amount of women I have met in the last two weeks who have all said the same words “I put up with it and somehow get through my days.” Now these words got me fired up big time and I have been getting quite emotional with sadness because midlife is a time for you all to be feeling magnificent and truly owning your gifts, your wisdom and really starting to create your next chapter that begins to form your legacy. Can I ask you a powerful question?

What do you want to be known for when you pass over?

Can you answer this question?

Do you even want to answer it?

I am convinced you do and I am also convinced many of you need guidance. Let’s explore this together, reach out for either coaching or a wellness consult to see what essential oils you need. I’m offering you a FREE discovery call HERE. I am so fired up that I have opened up some time this week especially for you. My intention going forward is to weave some success stories I have had with midlife women who are choosing to say yes to the essential oils and are feeling courageous enough to have some coaching. Please allow yourself to be one of these success stories.

Sharleen x