I am enjoying my yoga so much and I can literally hear my body say “thank you” as I leave.  I hadn’t done yoga regularly since my pregnancy days and this year my body was certainly letting me know it was time. I go to a restorative class with one other midlife person who also has special needs. To get myself to this yoga class I had to get capable, I had to ask for what I needed and I had to get the evidence that I could do it. Now I do two classes a week and have joined a gym all because I took action.

We have looked at getting conscious, curious and courageous and now the actions have to start. You need to realise your capabilities and use them to be who you want to be now as a midlife woman. I have just finished a book by Veronica Strachan called Breathing while Drowning and she talked about getting capable. This was a new concept for me however it hasn’t taken long to realise what she was talking about. As part of my journey into curiosity I always begin with looking a word up in the dictionary if I need more clarity. Capable means having power, and ability, being efficient and competent. Similar words are able, accomplished, adapted, adequate, apt, au fait and adept and this is only the ‘A’ words. Now I can begin to create a picture.

Veronica says “This step is all about realising you can do things differently and building your capability and agility. Its about finding your zone of genius. It’s about checking your commitment. Being capable is being able to achieve (efficiently and effectively, or kind of just getting there) regardless of what you want to do. This step is also about practising and experiencing.  As Robert Collier stated – Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.” To me this step is about going out and doing things, all those things you started to get curious about. As you start to do things you can start evaluating and analysing and start to get the evidence of whether this is right  for you. So many of the thoughts you have in your head may stop you in your track and all this achieves is excuses to why you can’t do it.

“I am too old”- “I am hopeless at….”- “My kids will laugh at me if I start…..”-“I was never good at…”-“That will be too expensive.” Let me ask you where is the evidence to support any of this.? Until you try,  you will never know and really what is the worst that can happen. I know the flip side of the coin could be the young three year old in side of you, who loved to dance, (until you got told how stupid you looked)  may actually find that taking up dancing could be the best decision you made for yourself in a very long time. I have seen this over and over again with my clients, the unloved dream is knocking at the door and now is the right time to live the dream.  Midlife women write books, dance, paint, do volunteer work, travel, walk the Kamino track, start yoga, meditate-the list is endless and the bottom line is- do you want to die with the music still in you?

Veronica says “Freakin’ do stuff it is as simple as that. By taking action, you get experience, and every experience (no matter how it feels or how it ends up) gives you more information to help you make a decision about the next step you need to take. Look for what lights you up, ask for feedback-it’s scary, but it’s worthwhile. Work out what is missing, and figure out what else you need to learn. And then go do that.”  This woman talks my talk and I love the thought of listening to those nudges and taking action. You see the thing is-those nudges don’t go away and if you are in your forties and try to ignore them then believe me they will start screeching in your ear in your fifties.

I never assumed for a minute the journey I would embark on when I opened my business Midlife Courage nearly three years ago. Wow what a trip and all I can say is the ride has certainly had its bumps and dips however now things are smooth sailing because as I got conscious, curious, courageous and capable life changed and eventually momentum started to happen. Actually momentum is quite tame, I really mean magic and miracles start to unfold. Miss Serendipity starts knocking on the door. If someone told me that I would be traveling to Scotland this year and attending a 6 day retreat in Iona with 24 other midlife women facilitated by a wonderful mentor that I adore well YEAH RIGHT!

However I got capable and courageous and said yes to an invite to an event  where I knew I would probably know one person. I met another capable women who was there on her own and we clicked. Two hours later we finally drew breath.  This woman introduced me to a book. The retreat facilitator is the author of this book. I put myself on the waiting list to do her retreat which only happens once every second year. The retreat was full. Late last year I got the email, someone had pulled out and I was being offered the spot. Now I wasn’t top of the list however no-one had ever traveled so far for this retreat so my gorgeous mentor felt  honored and wanted to met me. Holy Moly I am leaving on a jet plane in October… Now I tell  you this so you can begin to understand what miracles await you when you start saying yes and start getting capable to move forward in your life. Midlife can get potent, fabulous and damn exciting!

If anyone wants to hear more from Veronica Strachan here is a podcast www.angelaraspass.com/podcast/47/

If anyone wants to start getting conscious, curious, courageous and capable the next step could be clicking over to my website and having a FREE strategic call with me on www.midlifecourage.co.nz

Trust me you could also be leaving on a jet plane to ??????