“We can be very thankful that we are alive in this day and age. Never before in the history of womankind have those of us (lucky enough to be born in a peaceful country) enjoyed such abundance and opportunities. Our foremothers paved the way. We owe it to those strong, brave women, who sacrificed and fought for the rights we enjoy and possibly take for granted today to honour them…..and ourselves. With so much unpleasant news in the headlines, we are in fact obliged to become the best we can and inspire the generations following in our footstep. That is why what Sharleen offers is so valuable. Instead of spending years trying to work it out for yourself she cuts straight to the chase and gets you where you want to be. She is a discreet and excellent facilitator in helping women explore and discover the hidden treasures that lie within.”

Kaye, 2019

“One of the best things I’ve done this year is the weekly life coaching sessions with you.

It was perfect timing with starting a new business on my own and feeling uncertain in so many ways.

With you helping me focus on my core beliefs and life purpose I feel clear and confident to go forward now and in the future.

Thank you for giving me the tools to empower myself and achieve my goals.”

Aileen 2019

“Finding myself at a very transitional period of my life, I was given the opportunity to attend a 6 week life-coaching course with Sharleen.

This was conducted in a safe and caring environment and Sharleens’ gentle guidance and questioning had me considering very deep themes which I otherwise would not have done before. As well as giving me tools to put plans into place to make my dreams a reality.

Already the benefits of this course are evident and will allow me to move forward with more clarity and focus.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wondering “What next?”

Sharyn 2019

“I recently did Sharleen’s Wellness Challenge to look at spending a month focusing on the wellness of my business. I find the experience very valuable both for the accountability it gave me and the community of other women in the same space. Even with the distractions of everyday life getting in the way. I was amazing how much progress I made in that month. I put that solely down to taking the challenge and applying what I learnt. Thanks Sharleen.”

Gaye, 2019

“I want to thank you so much for the coaching we have been doing together.  I knew from our previous contact that you would be a wonderful support person on my Weight Management journey, but to be honest, I have been blown away by your skill.

I appreciate the compassion and safety you bring to our coaching space.  I am able to be completely open with you, and am able to feel free of all ‘shoulds’.  What really highlights your skill is the way you gently help me refocus when I get distracted; acknowledge my progress instead of my slips; and safely explore some very personal barriers to my weight loss.

I have lost my excess weight several times before, but I believe that the way we are working together on this, I am making the ‘permanent shifts to make permanent shifts’. (Pun intended!)  Thank you thank you!”

Vivienne, 2019

I really want to thank you for all the effort and generosity you gifted to us all in bringing your experience and learnings to the group in that way. Your honesty was very moving  and in my opinion as a past speech coach and teacher and I truly consider you have the makings of an excellent speaker. You can share your personality and enthusiasm and knowledge equally. It was a really joyous talk perfect to kick-start our group for the year. I am a fan of you and your journey.

Lots of love and appreciation.”

Barbara, 2019

“I have been enjoying mid-life courage coaching with Sharleen Greer now for about 6 months on a weekly basis.  I have been having lots of challenge in many directions, ailing parents, teenagers playing up, eldest child leaving home, husbands work changing, death of parents, menopause, siblings retiring etc. etc.  It seems like life is one long never ending roller coaster at times.

Our coaching sessions help me to identify what is really important to me and what line I want to take. By discovering my values I was able to hold that line with compassion and strength.  I was able to meet my dying Dad’s needs with respect for him as an individual and support my Mum with her journey, respecting her style which is so very different from mine.

Sharleen keeps me focused on doing what I say I want to do & is the queen of timeliness. Our weekly sessions help me focus on myself for a change and get really clear on what is important to me for my future.  I am getting excited about the opportunities that are starting to appear and feel that the next stage of my life is going to be one of my design and choice rather than reacting to whatever shows up by whoever makes the most noise. Exciting stuff!

I highly recommend Sharleen to anyone who is experiencing the changes mid-life brings and wants to be directing the traffic rather than clearing up the mess.”

Carole, 2019

“Sharleen has many skills and a wealth of life experience that she brings to her role as a life coach. Her approach is empathetic and the focus is on looking forward, identifying goals and encouraging the development of a personal plan for how to get there. She offers various strategies that she knows will work, because she has been through the same process herself, and is able to convey a sense of confidence that change is possible for everyone.

This authenticity really shines through her coaching.

At a time when I was trying to work through the ‘empty nest’ phase, Sharleen helped me start the process of setting new personal goals. I feel I am now on my way to realizing a dream I had long given up on, because she helped me identify the blocks to progress that had been holding me back.

 I would recommend Sharleen as a life coach to any woman who needs a little support to help make the  midlife stage a positive experience.”

Jayne, 2019

“I received some life coaching sessions with Sharleen last year while going through a major transition to another job and environment. Sharleen was consistently professional and reliable in her approach giving me much needed and appreciated support and encouragement. I felt very safe and respected in Sharleen’s presence and always felt I had Sharleen’s attention.

Sharleen is a very warm, sincere, honest, compassionate, enthusiastic woman very passionate about what she does. It wasn’t hard for me to feel motivated throughout our sessions and carry out the actions to be taken before our next session.

I would recommend to any woman interested in life coaching, reaching goals, and becoming unstuck to see Sharleen.

Sharleen is a wealth of knowledge and always had recommendations for books, workshops, and other helpful resources and people.”

Catherine, 2019