Bali Birthday Celebrations - Midlife Courage with Sharleen GreerI got lost in the Bali Vortex so my October blog is a bit late. I returned yesterday feeling reset, refuelled and ready to reconnect in a deeper way with you all.

The Bali escape was two weeks of family reunion celebration the three big decade birthdays. Not only did I turn 60 this year but Katie turned 30 and while in Bali Rose turned 20.

It had been nearly 3 years since my husband and I have been together with our four daughters. We all flew in from different parts of the world and travelled to three amazing Bali destinations. The holiday had many highs and some defining aha moments too.

My husband and I loved seeing our four daughters relate to each other in such a special way. They really are all great mates and totally have one another’s backs. At times I got the rolled eyes and the ‘Oh mother’ remarks however this cemented for me yet again that my mothering day’s are well and truly over. Saying goodbye totally feels like my heart has been jarred yet again which is a reminder that I will always love my girls immensely but not as the mother of old. I now see myself as a confidant and someone who will always have their back. But ‘no I won’t try and get the stains out of your white clothes’ – truly the four of them looked like they had packed for an ashram.

We also had two boyfriends on the holiday which is new for us. They both slotted in easily and I was thrilled to see two of the girls so happy in love. (they would hate me using that word – but you know what I mean.)

Giving back in BaliMy eldest daughter fell for Bali five years ago and returns each year to surf, scooter in the traffic madness and speak some Balinese to the gorgeous locals. This year she also brought a heap of baby clothes over so it was a delight watching her give them out to families in remote villages.

I had been to Bali twice however that was over thirty five years ago. It has changed a lot with  the tourists that now travel from all around the world packing into this beautiful place. It certainly is a worry when you see the amount of traffic on the roads and don’t get me started on the rubbish. However like  everywhere else globally they are trying to address some of these issues.

What remained the same was the beautiful people. I watched Eat, Pray, Love going over on the plane and the Balinese elder said to Liz Gilbert “ you must learn to smile with your face, your eyes, your heart and even your liver.” These people smile big time and I am convinced the smile probably does start from the inside.

The Balinese also have an amazing eye for decoration and design. They villas we stayed at were probably 3 star however they were designed to create beautiful spaces everywhere. The food was amazing and were often presented like works of art.

The weather was so sunny with everyday having blue skies, sunsets every night that touched your souls and coloured frangipanis were bountiful. Bali has a way of getting under your skin – it did for me back in the seventies and it did this time. I totally get why Katie returns every year.

For three years now I always dreamt of taking a group of midlife women to Bali for a retreat. I have had a photo of this on my vision board for the last two years. I was not sure why Bali until now – the holiday brought with it clarity, excitement and a new sense of understanding with what turning 60 has meant for me.

It has been a challenging four months while I adjusted to my new decade, it felt like I had lost my way a bit. I even went to a healer a couple of months ago. She had told me that in Mid Oct. things would come together for me and my clarity would return. BOOM!

2020 is the year when a retreat will happen. Yes, I am going to take a group of you to Bali. I am working out all the details now with a lovely Australian women who owns a group of villas we stayed in on Nusa Lembongan. This was my favourite place we visited by far. It is a small island half an hour from Bali, on a fast ferry ride (slightly bumpy on the way over) however it was well worth it.

Beautiful Bali

Balinese Bliss

Look at the photos. The villa was on the hill, but one minute to the beach. We had three young beautiful Balinese eye candy men met us at the ferry and they more or less came with the Villa – they carried our bags, organised scooters, snorkelling, massages, cleaned the villa every day and always had the biggest smile whenever they saw us around town. They used our names – well MaMa was mine – bloody hard to totally drop the mother label! I noticed Richard did not get PaPa – he was Mr Richard!

Anyway I digress – have I got you excited?
Is there something inside of you that is feeling ignited?
Are you curious?
Are you scared however ready for an adventure?
Are you feeling like connecting with some other midlife women?
Are you feeling like you need a reset and a refuel?

As you know anything that is worthwhile has some risk – however I am certain you will return with a new intention and a sense that your spring has returned to your step also. We might even do some dancing or singing – who knows however what I do  know is when you get a group of wise women together there will definitely be lots of belly laughter and wholehearted connections.

As I said the itinerary is being completed now. I already have two women who are keen so if you want your name put on the first notification list then let me know ASAP.

Bali truly got under my skin again and my bounce has returned and my passion has been reignited. Let’s do this!!!


Sharleen x