I can happily report that my new 60th outfit is starting  to feel pretty darn fabulous. I have ironed out some creases, sewn up some loose threads, changed some of the patterning and have even started the process from going blonde to grey… The more I can own that I am feeling quite stunning as a 60 year old woman, the more people are commenting on how amazing I look. Believe it till you achieve it I say.

I now want to shift focus to my Bali Bliss Adventure that I am holding in 2020. As you all know I was lucky to spend two amazing weeks with my family in Bali recently and I LOVED it. When I left I knew straight away I wanted to return and I wanted to take some courageous and adventurous midlife women with me.  This is a goal that had been on my vision board for a while and now the timing is feeling right! Are you one of these women?

For the last month I have been doing lots of the groundwork and things have flowed beautifully and I am thrilled to let you know that I can now start taking bookings.

I will give you all the details later in this blog however firstly I want to share with you a couple of reasons why Bali got under my skin and why is it doing this to lots of other people.  Already I have seen three friends offering Bali retreats this year – I am sure some of it is because of the synchronicity – what you focus on grows.  I also feel it is because we are starting to step into a new decade and people are wanting to tick the boxes for some of their bucket list they have not yet covered.  Also Bali is the place to be, it is warm, it is a cheap investment depending on where you go and finally the Balinese people are gorgeous inside and out.


Retreat to the bliss of Bali


The latter is what has stole a piece of my heart. I have been processing what it was that sung to my soul while I was in Bali and I know it is the genuine true Balinese people. Look at the faces of the photos I’ve shared with you, they say volumes. It is true that a smile speaks a thousand words. The bottom line is they are in touch with their spirit, soul, intuition or whatever you want to call that inner to outer glow. This is visibly seen with the offerings they regularly put out everyday.

I loved seeing the woven baskets full of flowers, seeds, incense, and food. It is gratitude that the Balinese hold close to their hearts and as they light the incense they are saying thank you to their Gods, thank you to the people that have passed, thank you for their health, thank you to the tourists, and thank you to their families. This is a daily gratitude that keeps them humble and smiling. Among all the craziness of witnessing their beautiful country change so much with people from all around the world wanting a piece of Bali, they have kept their culture alive with their daily rituals, costume and language.

They also live in ‘rubber time’ which I have interpreted as a state of mindfulness. Things happen when they happen, “don’t stress – it will all work out.” Now, don’t get me wrong, they have learnt to keep to a schedule when it is about catching a ferry etc however if they have to wait three hours in their taxi to pick up my daughters from a beach party, then they will. The price has been agreed before and they chill and simply ‘BE’ while they wait. This is something Westerners are slowly learning – gratitude and mindfulness with hopefully a dose of kindness. The Balinese are very kind and will bend over backwards, (if it does not coincide with a ritual,) then they will make things happen.

Now, on to the 10 days of fun I am offering. I have split activities into three areas that I have had to learn to navigate as a midlife woman (as have so many of my midlife clients).


Bali Bliss Retreat and Adventure 2020Midlife women often find it hard to put themselves first. After a lifetime of being all things to all people, how do you start stepping into your next chapter?  Do you have a sense there is more, something is unfinished within you?  Some of you may know what that is however many of you will have forgotten. Bali is a time to get curious and to lean into some beautiful Balinese BEING and to let go of the DOING that you have so beautifully managed for years.

Part of discovering your next chapter is trusting those inner whispers and giving yourself permission to explore and play, to get back to a place of enchantment and astonishment. Playing gets you to look at the world like a child again with fascination and in awe. This guides you to rediscover what else can bring you joy.

Part of putting yourself first is believing that you deserve it. As a mother I bet you constantly paid for things for your children, horse riding, dancing, sport activities, school uniforms etc. How easy is it to spend some pennies on yourself especially if it is for pleasure?  There may also be some of you who know that travel is the next part of your journey and for various reasons you don’t want to go alone. The Bali Bliss Adventure could be your answer.

Lastly, you know what happens when you get a group of women together, beautiful connections are made, laughter is always abundantly present and you can be guaranteed to be supported, inspired and maybe even challenged by one another. 

The Retreat will be for ten days with four nights in Sanur and six nights in Nusa Lembongan.  The dates are 22nd May –  1st June 2020. I will only be taking 10 women and 7 places have been taken. There is a Gold Package and a Silver Package.  There is only one Gold Package available and two Silver Packages. Your place on the adventure is confirmed when you pay $500 non refundable deposit. The remaining $$$ needs to be paid by the 1st April 2020. We are looking at the flights to be paid any day with some amazing specials that are happening with Emirates.

Gold Package is $2500 NZ – private accomodation
Silver Package is $2100 NZ – shared accomodation.

The wonderful 10 night retreat includes:
All accommodation with breakfast
A welcoming dinner at Nusa Lembongan
A day trip to Ubud with dinner included and Balinese night performance. We will be biking through the rice paddy fields.
A trip around Nusa Lembongan.
Taxis and Ferry transport

* 3.5 hour spa treatment including pedicure and manicure
* A massage
* A shopping session or two.

* Snorkel trip and swimming with Manta Rays – weather permitting.
* Balinese cooking class – meal included.
* Bracelet weaving session

* A donation and visit to local orphanage
* Basic coaching tools

Not included
* Flights approx $1000
* Lunches except one included in cooking class.
* Dinners except welcome dinner and Dinner at Ubud.
* Drinks
* Shopping

My wish for you is retreat time, to recapture your essence, and be that person full to the brim with feminine energy – an energy that would do a world of good to yourself and for those around you.

If you would like one of the remaining spots then please let me know immediately. Also feel free to share the excitement with friends, colleagues or anyone else you know who is ready for an adventure.

Sharleen x