Can you believe it – 6 weeks into a new decade and only now, am I getting into the year. I am sitting here looking over my backyard of the pristine water of the Whangateau harbour. The campers have gone and the quiet and stillness has returned. I find myself catching my breath and finally I get a sense of leaning into 2020.

So far it has been a big year globally and also personally. I have had a few challenges with my car motor blowing up on a main highway, my husband having a surfing accident that could easily have been fatal – however he only sustained a fractured rib. One of my darling oldest friends was not so lucky and she lost her son tragically after an accident that like my husband, could have had a very different outcome but alas it wasn’t to be.


However as I get older and wiser I feel that my very useful life tool kit keeps me grounded and grateful. I feel that I can take things in my stride and operate on a very stable and sustainable level of always looking at the cup half full. It is hard to explain but I find myself cruising through the days and acknowledging how I need to feel, stepping into these feelings and then eventually moving on. I am always looking for the best in every situation and choosing to be grateful for the beautiful day that is bestowed upon me. Maybe this is how life is once you reach your sixties if you have been committed to growth and change.


How are you doing as a midlife woman?


You are in your middle years and you have so much more living and loving to do. The middle years are all about YOU, so how are you doing with putting yourself first or at least first equal? This is a big one and I know from my own journey and with the many women I have coached, that learning to put yourself first is a slow process with small steps and small acknowledgement for every successful step you take. There will be times when you stumble and fall and you want to run back into the comfortable place of putting everyone else first. This is OK too as long as you don’t stay there too long. Eventually you learn to dust yourself off and get back up and try the next small step.

As I write this I am bursting with excitement, I have so many tools that can help you find yourself and I am dying to share them with you. I have been here and I know what works and what doesn’t, I have your back so believe me you don’t have to do this journey alone. There is nothing that gives me more pleasure than witnessing you growing your wings and taking off. Yes there is the tricky phase of pausing and learning how to navigate these middle years however believe me when I say – you are an unfinished woman, there is an abundance of gifts and dreams within you that want to come to fruition.


I have many chapters within me that I will continue to explore. This time last year I didn’t know I would be taking some gorgeous women to Bali, however by staying courageous and curious a new dream has grown into reality. Remember my May 2020 Retreat is sold out, but I am taking another group in November so let me know if you want to go on the VIP list so you get the information first.


I am also starting to facilitate day workshops up my way in a beautiful venue called The Balinese Gardens. This is for women who can’t make it to Bali YET however they want a taster of Bali life. Yes, I can bring a slice of Bali to you – we will look at purpose, pleasure and play. What this means is, you will be with like minded women who are all learning to put themselves first and want to bring some focus, clarity and fun back into life.


Details for the next day workshop are:
Date – Sunday 22nd March 2020
Time – 10.15am to 5.15pm There will also be an optional restorative yoga session to begin the day at 9am.
Cost – $99 with an amazing lunch included. $25 extra for the yoga session.


Please message me on Facebook or email me if you want to book in.  If you are not local then get a group of ten women together and I will come to you.

Give yourself a gift of ME time and let’s get into 2020 and make it an extraordinary year.

Sharleen x