March 2020 was a BIGGIE!

Not sure what to call this blog as I am still unsure where I am heading with it. We are all getting so much news on CV19 that part of me feels like I want this blog to carry on with business as usual which is to inspire, support and educate women in their middle years.


However I feel I can’t ignore the magnitude of what is happening globally right now. Mostly I can carry on at home –  this is the norm for me and  it is easy to ignore what  is going on in the outside world. I have always had a tendency to hide my head in the sand when fear is knocking loudly at my door. However social media keeps giving me reality checks and now that I have sorted out what I do and do not want to follow I feel I am doing pretty darn good.


Am I allowed to feel so excited and positive at such a time when so many other people are suffering and worrying about their health, family and economically the impact this virus is having?


Who else is feeling excited about the pause the world is taking – let’s face it I think we can all agree it is needed. The world will be a different place moving forward even though my hubby believes humans are good at forgetting and may well carry on as normal – really?


I always talk about the coin having two sides and we can’t have one without the other. Heads and tails, good and bad, light and dark, constricting and expanding, crisis and awakening, masculine and feminine, and fear and love. How would the world be if we put more love into the picture instead of fear and in some ways this is what we can choose right now.


Among all the horrible things that CV19 is presenting us with, there is also a global collaboration happening that speaks of kindness, caring, curiosity, mercy, wonder and love. Now this is what has me excited and positive and this is what I need to focus on. Don’t get me wrong as I said I still wake up anxious, I am still feeling the grief, anger and fear, however curiosity and creativity is more productive and gentle for me to be stepping into.


How am I being creative?
  • I have done a jigsaw puzzle but not sure if I will do another one – it was hard and satisfying at the same time.
  • I am finally crocheting a blanket each  for my daughters and in fact Ella has taken up knitting and is doing her own rug. This gives me so much pleasure sitting with her and knitting – who would have thought?
  • We are also ticking off some jobs slowly and I have decided slow is necessary so I don’t keep trying to be busy and avoid the stillness which inevitably will bring up feelings.
  • I hired a stationary bike the day before lock down started and so far looking at it proves to be annoying, guilt ridden and frustrating. My knee replacement is now on hold so the motivation to get those quads firm is waning. Today is the day so please keep me accountable.


I am glad I learnt a long time ago that the best way to pull myself out of fear and overwhelm is ACTION and so I have set myself an intention for April that I would love you to help me with. I have a Midlife Courage Facebook group that is open (meaning anyone and everyone can see it – so this really isn’t a safe group).


So I have started a new Facebook group that will be private called Midlife Conversations. Only you and other invited midlife women can see what goes down in the group – and a lot is going to go down. I plan to have lots of fun on this group which inevitably happens when like minded women come together. Check out this conversation I had with Kaye Mueller.


Briefly I have divided Mon to Fri into themes and everyday I will post something related to the theme. It will be a FREE group however I will possibly create a paid membership later on in the year with women who want to dive deeper.


Monday Motivation – sharing favourite midlife books, movies, podcasts and mentors.
Tuesday Tete A Tete – sharing a conversation on ZOOM with inspiring midlife women.
Wednesday Wild and Wonderful Travel – sharing travel stories.
Thursday Tool Belt – sharing life tools that helped me navigate midlife
Friday Favourite Quotes and Powerful Questions – I have a huge collection.


You might have already been sent an invite if you are a FB friend of mine otherwise please click HERE and this will take you to the group where you can request to join. My big and slightly scary intention is to get 1000 midlife women on this page over April so spread the word. I will be sharing my first video this week so would absolutely love to have you on board.


The biggest lesson to learn for all of us is self care and self love – this is one of the challenges of midlife and we have a double whammy now – you need to be kind and compassionate with yourself and those around you as we go through CV19. So many people are getting into blaming, shaming and naming – this is the nature of fear – and in some way is easier.


“I’m convinced that loving ourselves is the most difficult and courageous thing we we’ll ever do. Maybe we’ve been given a finite time to find that self-love, and midlife is the halfway mark. It’s time, (especially in CV19 times) to find that self-love and step through the shame and fear and embrace love.” – Brene Brown.


Be Courageous, be caring and be calm
Sharleen x
P.S. I am about to give myself a dose of self love and go and sit on my bike – small steps folks – and see where this takes me.