Life Coaching Packages

Life Coaching can help you to acknowledge where you are in your life now and how satisfied you are with that life. Coaching will help you to move forward by offering tools, goals, actions and strategies. We will look at your personality type, values and vision for the future. Life coaching closes the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. It is a form of conversation, whereby you are moved toward your desired outcomes. It is a unique professional relationship in which you experience how to live your life more fully and ‘on purpose.’

By choosing to work with me you may find you only have to make a few tweaks and your life will feel more complete. For others you may have to rewrite a whole new story. It can seem scary but you owe it to yourself to start exploring how the next chapter will look like for you. You have a wealth of experiences; good and bad, knowledge, gifts, skills and contributions. It is time to use those passions to design that next chapter.

My specialty is holding space for you while your begin this new chapter. What this means is I will listen to you without judgement, without making you feel inadequate, trying to fix you or trying to impact the outcome. By listening deeply I can then formulate a powerful question to enable you to reach inside and search for the right words for you. Having the confidence to write the ending to your story is both potent and magnificent.

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Coaching Packages:

I would love to have a wholehearted conversation with you so, together, we can choose the package that will be the best fit for you.

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