Are you going to see Robin Banks live on Tuesday night? He is performing in Auckland for a special presentation on mindset. I am going with another 50 women from DoTerra essential oils.

I think most of you know that part of my Midlife Courage business revolves around selling essential oils. I added this product two years ago after finally listening to the many voices that kept saying to me “having a product would help boost your business.” I am natural networker so it has always been easy for me to get other companies to share their products at my events and then I would watch them walk away with more profit than me, from my own event! I have always been into collaborating however I didn’t totally understand the true meaning of the word.

Eventually I got it, and invested into DoTerra essential oils. I haven’t really looked back since, there are so many benefits personally and professionally to these beautiful oils. However, what I want to share with you today is around the self-discovery journey I have been on since having my eyes opened to this company and the benefits of Multi Level Marketing. I can imagine some of you cringing at that word just like I used to, however I realise now I was coming from a place of ignorance. The best way to describe things is; DoTerra is a Self-Discovery company that just happens to sell oils on the side.

Honestly I have always been intrigued with my own personal growth and in fact ‘growth’ is one of my top values, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the roller-coaster ride that DoTerra has taken me on and continues to take me on. I have never really seen myself as a sales person, even though I had got pretty good at selling my services through Midlife Courage. Luckily you don’t really have to sell the oils they sell themselves, people have an experience with them that is often life changing, the rest is history.

The biggest payoff for me has been huge, I have changed enormously – I have discovered that the path to financial freedom lies not in selling but in sharing, and that living my dream begins when I start helping others live theirs. I have traded a mindset of deprivation to a mindset of abundance. I have always thought that I am a pretty positive sort of person and I often get told this and people share that I am an extrovert, I am friendly, caring and like having fun. However what DoTerra has done, is it has challenged me in all sorts of ways. I have had to constantly wear my courage badge, take a breath and do things I have never done before. My mindset has been totally flipped and I am constantly changing things that I say all the time. For example I used to always say “I do not want to hassle people”, now I say “these oils are amazing and who am I not to tell people, I could change one persons life in a powerful way.” I now cry at the drop of a hat because I am so constantly moved by hearing stories that make my heart grow. Powerful and beautiful stories.

I am convinced that mindset is everything. Many of the woman I work with have confidence issues, so boosting their belief in themselves is often the context of the work we do together. Once you feel confident and courageous you can do anything. Everyday I go out into the world, still slightly shaking in my boots but it is getting easier. I have so many cheerleaders who believe in me especially my four gorgeous girls – I can now put myself into all sorts of new and scary situations, that I am required to do to build my business and to share my love of essential oils. I am constantly reading mindset books, listening to podcasts, hearing public speakers share their pearls of wisdom and going to events with colleagues and friends who have my back.

Change your mindset one step at a time and you will be richly rewarded.

I can’t believe that next year hubby and I are off on a FREE trip to Costa Rica; I am also going on an incentive trip to Vietnam and Guatemala, simply from sharing my love of oils. How cool is this? Believe me I know it is scary, I know you have to step out of your comfort zone and I know it is an investment however now is your time – you deserve it. So make a time to have a FREE chat with me about how I can help you change your mindset and kick-start your own personal growth.

Sharleen x