Turning 60 is a blast!

It took me most of my 59th year to get used to the idea that I was about to start a new decade. It seems just like yesterday that I was at home with four daughters who needed my full time attention and now they are all spread around the world living independent lives. So crazy and I still find myself shaking my head in disbelief of where the time went.

There is also the acceptance that with each new decade is the reality that I am a step closer to the pearly gates – so once again the inner promptings and voices keep turning up the volume.

“Midlife is when the universe gently places her hands on your shoulders, pulls you close; and whispers in your ear – I am not screwing around. All the pretending and performing – has to go!” Brene Brown.

Let me tell you there is nothing gentle about turning 60 and certainly no whispers. If you haven’t got it by now then the body starts getting physical – flying punches all the way.

Trust me, I have had physical challenges over the last two months, friends have had huge medical issues and conversations of hip and knee replacements is now the norm (thank goodness this gets balanced with cooing over beautiful grandchildren photos).

Truly though; I am so looking forward to the next decade. I did my share of falling and then attended to the bruises and bleeds. However every time I chose to dust myself off and get back up to face yet another rebirth. Staying down was never an option for me.

I spent my fifties learning to let go of things that I had collected over the first half of my life that didn’t serve me anymore. Now I am ready to show up and be seen in a way that gets me incredibly excited. It’s weird because the body is alerting me to continue with self care however I feel younger as I grow older.

I see the 60’s as an opportunity to become more of who I was always meant to be and if this means disrupting all the ageism crap then so be it!

I feel incredibly grateful to be alive at this time when women now have an opportunity to shine! Never before have we lived as long and as healthy as we have now!

Growing old, growing up (which by the way still means embracing play); and growing into ME is not only a privilege it is a responsibility that keeps me wanting to enjoy this decade wholeheartedly.

The moral of this blog is choose courage over comfort and do the work because I believe the rewards are going to be huge as we grow older and wiser.

Sharleen x