When I started my Life Coaching Diploma 5 years ago I learnt a host of tools that I now carry around in my tool kit everywhere I go. I try and weave some of these tools throughout my blog as you have said in the past they have been helpful. The more tools you have to rely on the better I say. Life is constantly moving and like everything in nature you also expand and contract. When life is going well there will inevitably be a curve ball to throw you into a wobble. When you are feeling expansive no doubt you will feel happy, inspired and motivated. Then WHAM! You find yourself in the middle of some life stopper and sadness, frustration and maybe anger knocks on your door.

I know none of this is new to you, however it has taken me a long time to really accept that life can’t be fantastic all of the time. One of the many things I love as a midlife women is owning my wealth of experiences, tools and wisdom I have gained, so now when I hit the wall, I know that I won’t be there long because I can dive into my tool kit and harness what I need.

Firstly, these days it is my essential oils. I am constantly blown away by the power of these little bottles of liquid gold. They work on such a deep emotional and spiritual level that I don’t go a day without having a layer of oil on me somewhere.

Next, I remind myself of my values and check in to see if everything is feeling aligned and if not, I do some tweaking. I seem to rely less on my friends and more on my inner knowing these days. Don’t get me wrong, I love having people around and cherish friendships, however I seem to notice that everyone has an opinion around what I should do when I am down. I listen because really what else can you do. And then I tend to take anything that fits and take myself off for some quiet time where I can still myself and listen to my own song, my own rhythm, my own inner sage. Maybe this is another pearl to growing up at midlife. Trusting that I know what is best for me and what I need is serving me well. It makes sense that as you grow older you do grow wiser.

I also loved learning about my personality type and this helps me to relate to myself and others. There are many ways of discovering about your personality. You can go for colours, birds, dogs, the Myer/Briggs profile, the Gallop strength finder and if you use Google there will be many more.

I love a very easy way of working with personalities. It is called shape profiling. Basically are you a square, triangle, circle or a squiggle. There are many schools of thought around whether you are born with these ways of being or whether you learn from others – the nurture vs nature debate. From my observation it can be a bit of both. If you have 2 square caregivers then chances are you will adopt square tendencies. It can be quite freeing when you discover actually you are a circle as I have had the pleasure to observe over the years of coaching.

So what do these shapes mean if you have not worked it out already?

Square means you see things black and white….precise
Triangle means you do anything to get to the point…..powerful
Circle means you like keeping everyone happy…..peaceful
Squiggle means you have lots of ideas and are always into something new….playful.


The idea is that if we know all these shapes we can fit into whatever one we need to as certain things come along. I was a circle/squiggle and learnt square tendencies from my mother and through nursing. The square certainly served me well as a mother of four. Triangle was the shape that I less identified with and I found triangle people a bit scary and intimidating. Funny though because now I am a business woman myself I am loving some of the triangle qualities. They don’t come naturally to me, however as I get more fire in my belly for my mission in life, I find myself getting inspired with how I am challenging myself. Let’s just say life is very exciting!

Many women are circles, we are nurturers, carers and people-pleasers and we hate conflict. Many women who are in the health and wellness sector are also circles which makes sense. Whatever you are there is no judgement. They all have gifts that can serve us well. I invite you this week to start seeing people as squares, triangles, circles or squiggles, it can be fun and very enlightening. Get a sense of what shape you need to develop. When was the last time you played? When was the last time you spoke your truth to someone? when was the last time you sorted something in your house or when was the last time you truly cared for someone else?

For me I loved playing this weekend and I loved getting back into some creativity. Both of these things ticked my natural squiggle box. I needed this and now today I could get back into my triangle box and step out of my comfortable zone and get on the phone and do some follow ups. Remember if you feel like you are needing some more life tools to add to your kit then please contact me for a FREE discovery call. I also love guiding others to find their true gifts and talents so life can be truly magical.

Sharleen x