Often I am reminded to take a leaf out of my own book. This turning 60 is not for the fainthearted, so yes I am digging deep into my toolkit.

I thought my vacation to Bali would get me back to that place I was at when I was 59. This place was about me looking forward to turning 60 and enjoying all the buzz and excitement that this decade would bring.

As I wrote in my last blog I was really excited about Bali and was looking at ways I could get back there. I had an enormous response from midlife women who wanted to know more about my idea of holding Midlife Courage Retreats in Bali.

I am still uber excited about this and all the final details should be in place by the end of the month. The retreat will be around April and May 2020. Let me know if you want to go on my V.I.P list so you are first to get all the info. I am only taking a max of twelve women so first in, first served my friends.

For those who have been in my midlife tribe for a while you will know that I am pretty transparent and try and keep things REAL. So the reality is for me I am still struggling to fit the size 60 outfit.

The decade birthdays have always been impactful for me – 40 and finding out I was pregnant was a doozy!

50 was a trip around Italy and Croatia which helped me define how I wanted my post mother years to look.
Travel was definitely up there so I needed to look at fun ways to finance this passion.

60 hmmmm!!! I need time – it took me most of my 59th year to get used to saying I was turning 60 and then I started to get excited until it happened. Far out – how did it happen? I still struggle with the leap from 30 to 60!

As I fully get used to parading my new stunning attire I am needing to stay with the feelings and rely on the tools I know have worked in the past for myself and other women that I have coached over the last ten years.

These are the tools that are working for me:

1. Staying with the process even when it is HARD. Not reverting to old numbing habits of drinking, eating, facebooking, shopping, and keeping busy.

2. Enjoying reading the Seven Sisters Series – such a decadent and healthy diversion. It has been years since I indulged in a good book or seven. Who else is enjoying this series?  I feel so blessed to have the time to do this.

3. Counting my blessings and staying in a mindset of gratitude is a definite non compromise tool.

4. Lathering myself in essential oils everyday. I feel so armoured up in a healthy way and ready to face the constricting outfits that are so wanting some space to breath.

5. Making the swimming and yoga I do weekly non negotiable. Those three mornings I get up at 6.15 and pull up my togs are so worth it. New 60yr old togs for Xmas me thinks and it won’t be a pleated skirt style or a bikini. Don’t you admire those 60 year old women who can pull of a two piece??

6. Reaching out to my very special friends who I regularly process ‘life’ with. Your girlfriends are so important. The ones that you can laugh, cry and scream with. The ones that don’t judge, try and save you or give advice but instead hold you in love and light. Thank You.

7. Being courageous and letting you know that I am struggling with this decade – the grim reaper definitely knocks harder. When I am courageous enough to lean into this I do feel the glimmers of excitement. The urgency certainly helps you to really make sure you are doing what you want to be doing or at least start looking at how you truly want to feel and who you have to be to maintain those feelings. Choosing everyday to stay out of drama and be in a zone of love is my new hat!

8. Asking myself as I have done to many of you – what are you curious about right now? What did you find was fun as a child? What excited you?

9. Travelling with a group of you to Bali definitely excites me. Looking at creativity always excites me. This week I started Nia dancing and gospel singing and I loved them both. I absolutely know that these sorts of things fill my cup enormously. I allowed myself to get curious and started exploring some new modalities.

10. Something else that fills me up is working with you – midlife women who are also courageous enough to be honest, to be real and who want more – even if they don’t know what that is. Who know that after a lifetime of being all things to all people it is now ME time.

11. So this brings me to my last tool which is action – because without a doubt whenever I get into action mode, wonderful things start to happen.

For the last three years I have come up with a word for the year. This has been enormously powerful on so many levels.

2017 it was COURAGE to remind myself that as a new breed of a dynamic midlife women who really had no roadmap to follow that I would need to put my big girl pants on often and step up and be seen and heard.

2018 it was Delight which I stole from a friend. My mindset was changing and as part of exercising that muscle I started to take delight everyday in the magic of life. Before I went to bed I wrote about the delights I had discovered that day.

2019  it was INTENTIONAL so I would stay focused and look at the bigger picture and be really clear on my path.

I am now getting curious and creative about what my word for 2020 will be. It feels important to step into a new decade with intention, delight, courage and ????

How do you want the twenties to feel like and look like for you? Come alive and join me while we discover our Power Word. I am starting a closed Facebook from Nov. 25th to help you find your word. This group will be active for the whole year ie 2020. It will be a place for you to get support and to keep focus and to be accountable to all the flavours of your word.

It will cost $20 for your investment so if you want to be added to this group then please text me on 0211456432 or PM me on Facebook.

Keep being courageous and staying aligned to your passion and purpose.

Sharleen x