Words Can Pack a Punch!

“Fake it til you make it.” I got challenged with these words that I used in lasts weeks post. Someone suggested a phrase that was more powerful for them which is “Believe it til you achieve it.” I love this and will use it often. It puts things in the present as if it has already happened.

For those of you who use mantras or affirmations, take some time to check out if you are saying them as if they have already happened. This means you 100% believe that your dreams and goals will happen. Your intention is strong and you have clarity and focus. I start every morning with my I AM’s.

I am courageous
I am in the zone
I am happy and healthy


I write at least 10 each morning and they reflect my 2018 goals. I have been told it is also more powerful to do them with movement. Imagine starting your day with 10 squats as you say your I AM’s with each squat. I loved this idea however squats and I tend to battle with each other, going down is fine but coming up is a different story.

What works for me now is getting up at 6.30 in the morning and driving to the local swimming pool where I swim lengths and say my I AM’s. Now this is really turning up the volume on things. My husband can’t quite believe it because for years I have said I am not a morning person. He is right, however for a while now I have wanted to try and be a morning girl so I can start my day with more energy and vigor. It has been a month now and I am loving it and hopefully the body will start reflecting my efforts.

I certainly don’t expect you to follow suit however try something that works for you, use words that work for you, use movement that works for you. If you don’t know, then get curious and try things out. Start using words that stir something inside of you, start a dance class, go swimming or running (watch the joints though as you are not getting any younger). Get into nature and walk and say your mantras or record them on your phone and listen to them. Try biking and remember you can get an E-bike if that is what suits you.

Oops I need to end before I exceed my new short and sharp philosophy. Until next week keep smiling and keep believing and you will achieve.

Sharleen x