Three years ago I took a major left turn in my business – most of you know I started using doTERRA essential oils, firstly for myself and then when I saw the amazing results I had with my sleep issue, word spread fast and before I knew, you were asking for the secret natural solution that had got me sleeping successfully again.

Midlife coaching and having these little bottles of gold are a perfect combination.

As Brene Brown quotes “we seem to spend the first half of our life running away from our feelings and then the second half of our life is all about healing from those feelings so we can become our true authentic self.”

The essential oils have been instrumental in helping me get more fully in touch with my feelings after decades of keeping them squashed by alcohol, food and letting my Comparison Queen often rule the show.

At the beginning of 2019 I felt like a pre-60 challenge, so I signed up for a doTERRA leadership program that had me travelling around the country and sharing the love of essential oils. This was an intensive program, however now that the children have left home, jumping on a plane with my little box of oils was ticking my box big time.

My goal for doing this was to see if I could really step up to the challenge and to see if I dug deep what I was really capable of. 249 people from New Zealand and Australia started this intensive however four months later 91 finished and I was number 35 on the tally board. I didn’t do this as a competition, however I must say I was pretty stoked with my end result. That number meant 85 people had been positively impacted by my love of sharing, listening and educating.

As you may have noticed, one thing that went astray while I did this intensive, was my weekly blogs to you. It wasn’t my intention to stop blogging however my focus was completely different.

Now six months into the year I am ready – I am back – I am going to do a weekly short blog that will take you no longer than five minutes to read because the bottom line is I have missed you. I have missed sharing some of the pearls of wisdom I receive every week by putting on my high heeled, black leather boots and getting out there and stepping up, falling down, brushing myself off, getting back up and making a difference.

One of the things about these boots, they are starting to feel fantastic and I am rocking them and therefore so many things that I used to step cautiously into are now feeling the norm. Giving myself rewards is second nature and I’m getting so good at putting myself first.

Tomorrow I fly to the Gold Coast for a leadership convention and here I will get recognition for my Diamond club success and truly if you had told me five years ago, even three years ago that I would be stepping onto a stage (yes! doing the whole American thing); my peers would be applauding and shouting and patting me on the back, I would have been running a mile. However, I have discovered affirmation and acknowledgement is one of my love languages and I’m going to be up on that stage with my chest puffing. I might be the oldest doing this, however I know I will feel like a kid getting rewarded for my accomplishments. Something that was definitely lacking in my own childhood.

The icing on the cake will be my own personal reward for meeting my goal and also a birthday present for myself for turning – gulp, gulp – the big 60! There will be more on this milestone in my next blog because it has been a biggie. So this wonderful reward is flying to Sydney to see Brene Brown, one of the most inspirational woman I know, speak for three amazing hours.

This gets me so excited and I love that I can now identify these feelings – the fluttering butterfly sensation right in the pit of my tummy that rises up through my heart and out of my mouth. I want to jump up and down, spread my arms out wide and scream with sounds of delight. Funny, I can still hear the words of my mother telling me to settle down and keep quiet however that voice is so faint that I am struggling to hear it among the screams of delight.

So my beautiful girls, I am back and I look so forward to sharing my next decade with you as a grown-up midlife woman. If you are not on my Midlife Courage Facebook page please join, because I have been using this platform to share inspirational quotes and for the next two weeks there will be a lot of Brene Brown quotes. Some you will know and some will be new, especially after I spend four gorgeous hours with her.

Keep shining and keep finding delightful moments in your day

Sharleen xx