There is definitely a CHANGE in the air for midlife women. There is a movement happening and look out because you are gaining momentum. Yes, you are!

You are becoming FIERCE!! You are finding your voice and you are willing to stand up and be seen.

After years of being all things to all people it is now your time. Use your lifetime of skills, experiences, passions, knowledge and start sharing your WISDOM!

This is your time to pause, plan and then step,  jump, run, or fly, into your next chapter.

Did you know there are Midlife women all over the world sharing their stories through blogs? They talk about reinvention, fashion and their struggles that made them into the fabulous midlife woman they are today.

What is exciting right now, (20th Feb), is it is #foreverfierceday.
This is a campaign started by a new friend and colleague, Catherine Grace O’Connell. A fashion blogger who looks amaaaazing, not that I am comparing myself – yeah right!  She interviewed 50 midlife bloggers about what being FIERCE means to them. These women are now featured in the campaign, click here to have a look.

Another friend and Midlife coach  Cat Coluccio from N.Z. took up the challenge and interviewed some women from down under.  I am yet to met Cat personally.  (Crazy, this online world.)
I put my hand up straight away and added my 2 bobs worth.  You don’t start a business called Midlife Courage at 50 without putting on those black high heeled leather boots and being FIERCE. You can see it here – I am the gorgeous one in the gold top. (And yes, it still feels uncomfortable claiming my gorgeousness, however my mantra “get comfortable being uncomfortable” helps me do and say all sorts of FIERCE things.)

Back to Cat.C. who has an amazing story around being FIERCE. At 50 feeling overweight and sluggish she got FIERCE and COURAGEOUS and did her fitness instructors diploma. She was the oldest student, however she had wisdom on her side. She passed with A’s and took this letter to new heights. She shifted weight and looked AWESOME. Now, the only weight she carries are dumbbells.  Her midlife business is called ‘Rockin Midlife’, and she works as a personal trainer in South Auckland. WOW!!

Recently, you would have seen a post on my Facebook page around an article that highlighted women aged 53 and above shouldn’t wear jeans. Cat also posted this stupid article – don’t get me started. We both got our most commented page yet. Cat then went and took her anger and transformed it into passion – this is what FIERCE women do. She started her own campaign and asked 50 Midlife women to take a photo rockin their denims. She got 100 photos sent in!! Check out the video here.

This brings me to today’s invitation that I am putting out to you…
I invite you to do 1 FIERCE thing this week. Take a step and a deep breath, say my mantra “get comfortable being uncomfortable” and GO.

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Lastly, I have a competition for you. Anyone that comments below will go into the draw to get my workbook – Cultivating My Midlife Vision for FREE.

Now, if that is not motivating enough and because I am feeling so fricken excited about being a FIERCE midlife woman,I will also give that person a FREE 30 minute coaching session.

Now go and get your FIERCE on!
Sharleen x