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I look at my phone and see that it is 6 am. I am pleased tonight is nearly over however I also know that I will have another day where I feel like I’m operating on low gear and I will feel vulnerable, tired, grumpy and pissed off. I will have to yet again dig deep to get through the day.

Five days ago I had been back to the chemist, I alternate between, chemist, health food shop and G.P. It was suggested to buy some expensive and new magnesium that was revolutionary. I was told that lack of magnesium was definitely my issue and after five days of using the spray I would sleep soundly. Seven years of struggling with sleep issues was wearing me down – nothing was working so yet again I handed over my card and left feeling slightly hopeful.

doTERRA Team Shar

Three years later my story is very different. I still rarely sleep through the night HOWEVER I now go off to sleep easily. When I wake anywhere between two and four I often go back to sleep and now wake up refreshed, motivated, energised and happy. What changed? I joined the doTERRA team.

I won a box of doTERRA essential oils and so I decided to give them a go. And the protocol I now follow has been life changing for me.

Brief version: I diffuse essential oils during the days, I apply them topically to areas that need boosting and I take supplements – Lifelong Vitality – what a game changer. I also use doTERRA probiotics and digestive enzymes regularly. I have always believed in wellness occurring from the inside out and I knew I had compromised adrenals, liver, gut and my whole endocrine and hormonal system were struggling.

The evening protocol was equally as important. Lavender Peace) a blend that I call lavender on steroids), Roman Chamomile and Melissa finally did the trick. have a ritual of applying my oils topically and aromatically with a bedside diffuser and I have a ramekin of oils ready to go for when I wake in the night.

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I’m sharing this story because essential oils changed my life. Sleep deprivation is one of the major issues of today along with feelings of disconnect, anxiousness, overwhelm and a lack of motivation and energy.

When I started Midlife Courage everyone suggested I have a product to compliment my business, so now I do. Three years ago I took a bold left turn in my life and business, and introduced essential oils into my coaching practice by joining the doTERRA team. This dynamic duo walk hand in hand and together they tick my love box – a box of life tools that give me flexibility, financial freedom, making an impact in people’s lives and also belonging to a community of like minded people that have my back and totally blow my mind.

Read on if you are curious how these two modalities can take you from a place of minimum sleep to maximum sleep, from anxious feelings to feeling calm and content, from overwhelm to stillness, lack of energy to motivation, from menopause to meno-action and midlife crisis to Midlife Courage.

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