Cultivate Your Midlife Story

“You either walk inside your story and own it or walk outside your story and hustle for your worth.”
~ Brene Brown

Story telling has been around a long time. By writing and sharing stories it can help you to communicate your experience, share your wisdom and make connections. Midlife is a perfect time to start delving into your story. It will help you get a deeper understanding of yourself. During midlife transition, you can find meaning in the past and then the potential in the future.

At midlife, it is time to stop and listen and begin to claim your wisdom from your past riches as well as the sadness and pain that you may have lived through and overcome. As you grieve for the ‘never to be’ parts of your life you are encouraged to live the next stage of your life doing what you want to be doing. At midlife, many women rediscover their love of writing and often begin with their own story.

Story has always been weaved throughout my life. I naturally can hold a safe space for women to share their story. When I did my Naturopathy thesis back in the eighties I explored diary writing for personal growth and amazed my tutors in the value of writing and the positive effects on wellness.

When I become a mother, I changed careers and became a Child Birth Educator. In the Mums and Babies group I encouraged women to share their birth Story. This was often the first step in healing their wounds after traumatic childbirth.

During my forties, I discovered what being an artist meant for me. I rekindled a favourite teenage passion of crocheting. I soon began facilitating crochet groups and teaching women how to crochet.

You may be wandering what this must do with storytelling however women working with their hands often seemed to drop from their head to their heart and share soulful stories.

Grab this mini course and cultivate your midlife story…


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