9 11, 2018

Start using words that validate you

Your language can play a large part in helping you meet your goals or not. Are you good at using words that can undermine your value and then you get tripped up and sabotage yourself?

24 10, 2018

Getting Comfortable with Feeling Uncomfortable

The above words are used everyday by me. Now that I have added a product to my business I am constantly having to put myself in situations that feel uncomfortable. It would be easier to

3 10, 2018

Life is Better than Good!

Have you noticed how many times you use the word good? I was a ‘good’ girl, meaning I often responded with the word ‘good’ when people asked me how I was. I once got pulled

3 09, 2018

Choosing A New Path To Happiness

Over the last couple of weeks I have been having an interesting time. I thought for a while there my path went straight ahead and I was happy strolling along enjoying the autumn colours and

5 06, 2018

Finding Support and Friendship

It seems like I have some Brene Brown supporters in my group, isn’t she amazing? And the work she is doing is very impactful. It is important for everyone to be in contact with people

29 05, 2018

Midlife Quotes to Ponder

I love how there are so many wonderful quotes that we now get to see on social media. Positive affirmations are flying at me as I scroll through Facebook and Instagram and every time I

24 05, 2018

A Midlife Movie Night Not To Be Missed

Thanks for all the interest in the movie night. I thought I would share some more of my interest behind this dramedy ‘Year By The Sea’. This amazing midlife movie was released last year after

22 03, 2018

Creativity and Midlife

You will all be pleased to know my feet have now touched the ground and I am back into reality. I was pretty hyped last week after the DoTerra convention as you probably guessed if

1 03, 2018

Letting go of our precious cargo.

Midlife women certainly go through a lot, we are constantly having to manage change in so many areas of our lives. This week, the story I have been witnessing has been about our young adults

30 05, 2017

Another Stepping Stone of Midlife….Get Capable

  I am enjoying my yoga so much and I can literally hear my body say "thank you" as I leave.  I hadn't done yoga regularly since my pregnancy days and this year my body