Please have a look at Balinese Bliss Adventure HERE to read  why I chose PURPOSE, PLEASURE, AND PLAY for the days themes.  The day will gently unfold with taking some alone time in a quiet spot in the garden, perhaps with a smiling Buddha looking over you and the smells of tropical flowers and plants floating through the air, while you unleash the inner writer to help you gain more clarity, focus, and intention.

 You will indulge in a yummy Balinese lunch and then have a chance to look at some Balinese artisans products just arrived from Bali (you might want to bring some extra $$$$ – once again optional).

I have designed activities that will unleash your curiosity and creativity so you can begin to tick  the ways you bring pleasure and play into your middle years. You will also start leaning into purpose, leaving with some steps towards having a more intentional life. I want to evoke some magic and mystery to the day so the activities are a surprise however you will be guaranteed there will be stories told, friendships formed and lots of big glorious belly laughter. You will be supported in a ‘love nest'”with a group of women who will have your back.

“Thanks for checking in on us, I wish I had a Bali Bliss every Sunday. I have thought of my Inner Critic who I have named Mrs Doubt Fire. Regarding values, I am definitely in alignment with my main one –  balance and everything is flowing through. I am doing the journal exercises we did every Sunday and it enhances my week.  I tick the squares, circles and triangles also as a basis for the new week. If fun is not a priority then I know I need to tweak things.” Raakee Rahman. (Written a couple of weeks after attending the Bali Bliss Day.)

We will finish the day exploring  your midlife gifts that will carry you into a new chapter. You will take away a symbol of the new phase with something you have created. Remember fun. friends and enhancing your fabulousness is what the day is all about.

Address: Balinese Gardens -292 Point Wells Road, Matakana.

Dates – 24 January 2021

Time – 9 am to 5 pm

Price – $199 includes Gift and Lunch. Earlybird special is $179 – closes midnight 1 January 2021.

Please contact me with any questions or to book 

“Maybe 2020 is not your year for packing a suitcase, flying 9 hours to the beautiful destination of Bali and joining other like-minded women for 10 days of midlife purpose, pleasure and play. However, I can now offer you a slice of Bali in your own backyard. I would love you to join me in a day that will perhaps entice you to come to Bali  in 2021. If not, you get to indulge in some similar activities that I offer in Bali. Come and enjoy some leisure and relaxation in a beautiful Balinese Garden and Oasis Yoga Studio hidden at Pt Wells an hour drive from Auckland. Having a special place where you can relax and recharge is so important in today’s busy and often stressful times.”