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Midlife is potent and it is extraordinary.

Midlife age is an asset and we can use it to our advantage and begin to prepare for it if we can dispel the midlife myths.

What myths do you have about midlife and how are they preventing you from being the best version of yourself?

When I was growing up I heard turning fifty meant you were really old and that life was nearly over. I must admit as a young adult I tended to agree. What about you, are you nodding your head?

I witnessed my mother being a nurturer, a helper and an over giver and I followed in her footsteps because I knew no better. I witnessed her put everyone before herself and even at meal times she always sat on the stall because there was no room at the table. None of us questioned this it was the norm.

By the time mum was forty plus, her marriage was over and most of us kids had left home and were on our O.E. How hard this must have been for her. If she did have a midlife crisis I wasn’t there to witness it however I know she would have done it quietly and stoically.

Is this a story familiar to you?   No wonder the midlife journey is a challenge with the role models and myths that you witnessed.

You are in unchartered waters, there is no map to how you navigate midlife. Women are living longer and healthier and you are pathing the way. How did your mum spend her later years? A lot of our mothers gained resilience, determination and strength from their midlife experiences. My mother packed up our family house, sold it and drove to the other side of the country on her own. You will have your own story,  look for your foremother’s strengths and the qualities you have gained from your earlier years. You are a woman of wisdom and I am here to help you discover that wisdom and to put it into practise as you redefine who you want to be now. You can do this!

I have always worked in the wellness area and once I decided that I wanted to step up and find out what I still had left in me I upskilled and retrained as a Life Coach. Setting up a business has been a huge stretch mixed with enormous growth, excitement and a whole lot of fun.

My earlier midlife years are a blur, pregnant with daughter four at forty and burnt out from years of over giving for all the wrong reasons. The fifties have been so much better for me. Don’t get me wrong mothering was and will always be one of my biggest joys but somehow I lost myself in this role.

My fifties have been about replenishing myself and discovering what else brings me joy. I have rediscovered what brings me pleasure, what my new purpose is and the beauty of bringing play back into my life. I am still a giver and a helper but now I do it because it is a passion not because I crave brownie points. My midlife definition for me is I went from feeling good, to feeling great to now feeling truly magnificent. Ultimately I gave myself permission to be me, no guilt (well maybe a little), and no roadmap.

I would be lying if I said it was easy it isn’t, but hey you already know that, right!  Otherwise you wouldn’t still be here. You have nothing to lose because chances are your feeling crappy and stuck anyway. All I can say is the work of discovering who you want to become is so worth it.

Many of my clients have rediscovered a lost story inside of them that needs written, a voice that needs to sing, a business that needs a soul, a craft that needs some creating, some art that needs expression or a service that needs a volunteer. What could be your unfulfilled dream that is dying inside of you and so wants to live? I would love to guide you as you discover your magnificence.

I offer coaching packages and online workshops however my biggest passion is gathering woman together in a retreat environment. My strength is holding a safe space for women to unravel and to reconstruct a new style.

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