27 04, 2018

Are you a Wisdom Gatherer?

It is so crazy that I have found midlife to be extraordinary on so many levels. I love being a midlife woman, especially now that I have discovered who I am and what kind of

19 04, 2018

Midlife and Opportunities Walk Hand In Hand

Last week I talked about making the most of opportunities that can come your way at midlife. By saying YES to opportunities you discover new things about yourself that will help you design your next

11 04, 2018

Say YES to Opportunity

Last week I got the opportunity to speak in front of 100 people and I loved it and it was a good reminder of how far I have come since my first speaking gig three

4 04, 2018

Taming the Inner Critic

So glad you enjoyed meeting Doris Dump last week, she enjoyed the recognition and is now happily sitting in the back seat of my car with her lips tightly sealed. My hands are on the