30 05, 2017

Another Stepping Stone of Midlife….Get Capable

  I am enjoying my yoga so much and I can literally hear my body say "thank you" as I leave.  I hadn't done yoga regularly since my pregnancy days and this year my body

23 05, 2017

Another Stepping Stone of Midlife…Being Courageous

You have started to be more conscious and aware, your curiosity is engaged in a new way and now you need a dose of courage. The third stepping stone is about moving into action mode,

16 05, 2017

The Stepping Stones of Midlife…Being Curious!

Do you allow yourself to get curious? I first heard this word in terms of asking questions when I started my Life Coaching diploma four years ago. We were learning all about the importance of

12 05, 2017

The Stepping Stones of Midlife…..Being Conscious

I want to thank you all for coming along on  the 7 week ride  exploring midlife issues around the acronym C.O.U.R.A.G.E. I had so much fun and my aim of meeting more of you on

9 05, 2017

Mother’s day Special

How does a weekend retreat sound? There will be so much fun and pleasure; open fires, spa baths, massage, optional yoga, yummy food and a rich red to help you relax. Three days where you

4 05, 2017

Ordinary to Extraordinary

We are in the last week of my acronym for the word COURAGE. I hope you have enjoyed reading my thoughts on what each letter stood for in relationship to courage. For  'E'  extraordinary was