25 04, 2017

How Stella Got Her Groove back!

Does anyone remember this book or movie that came out roughly fifteen years ago? It was about a midlife woman who flew from London to Greece and fell for a spunky Greek God. She had

18 04, 2017

Midlife is Extraordinary, Fabulous and Potent.

I truly believe this and am amazed and somewhat saddened I didn't know this until I started my own midlife journey. There were many reasons I began my Midlife Courage business and my ignorance was

12 04, 2017

The Forties Were a Blur However the Fifties are a Blast!

Yes and women I talk to in their sixties are rocking it! I found myself pregnant at forty which explains the next ten years however now I am in my fifties things have really started

5 04, 2017

Time to Undress maybe?

Who would have thought that at midlife you have an opportunity to reinvent yourself? It makes sense though, the kids are leaving home, the career is feeling stale and all of a sudden you can't