“Adventure always seems to become wellsprings for the human spirit, and the hallmark of this retreat is an adventure.”

“Walking away from familiar routines and relationships, for any amount of time, takes courage and a fierce determination.”

Powerful words that were spoken to me by Joan Anderson who went alone to spend a year by the sea when she turned fifty. I went to Scotland on one of Joan’s Adventures and now it is my turn to offer you a Bali Bliss Adventure of my own. I will share some of Joan’s powerful words throughout this page.

Last year I spent 2 weeks in Bali with my family. I loved it and I knew I wanted to return. Please feel free to read my recent blog where I share the reasons why Bali got under my skin.


The Bali Bliss Adventure was born!

I have been coaching midlife women like yourself for 10 years and I have seen some common threads that need to be addressed so you can continue to weave a new chapter into your life as you enter the middle years. During your time in Bali, we will look at PURPOSE, PLEASURE and PLAY in your life. I have designed activities to help you lean into these midlife priorities.

I am offering 10 glorious days of purpose, pleasure, and play. It is a long way to travel so let’s make the most of what Bali has to offer. I have put together a package that will inspire, replenish and energize you at a very reasonable price. We will spend four action-packed days in Sanur and then 6 relaxing days on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan. The Adventure is for you, a midlife women who has spent a lifetime being all things to all people and now you know it is your time to have some fun.

PURPOSE – Be Inspired

Purpose can be referred to as your vision, your inspiration, your calling or your why. You may be hearing the whispers and you are at a crossroads, there is a sense of urgency as time is crucial. Your purpose is your reason for guiding you forward. Some of you may be on target, some may need a tweak or two and some may need more. Let’s begin to flex your intuition and bring your vision alive by discovering what truly inspires you and whether the way you are living your life today truly reflects these priorities.

I believe Purpose is something to be uncovered, rather than discovered. It takes a little digging to uncover the truth. Think of it as like the work of a sculptor, chipping away the stone to reveal the art beneath, that was there all along. Begin to pay attention to what recurs, the things that just won’t go away. The things that keep you thinking about, that persist even if you try and push them away because you don’t think they’re practical or possible. They persist for a reason, these are the things that your heart desires they will truly fulfill you. Uncovering your purpose as an action. It is not something that is given to you with a drum roll, or that you possibly trip over one day. It is only by trying out things that intrigue you that you will actually find the connection you are seeking.

It can be difficult to find the time to answer some of the nagging questions that start to appear as a midlife woman. Bali time is NOW time.

* Who am I now?

* What do I want in my life?

* How can I begin to create what I want?

* What do I want to make time for?

* What is important to me?

* Am I being selfish?

* Do I deserve to put myself first?


Visiting a local orphanage laden with gifts for the children.

Optional Yoga

Erik Erikson’s philosophy with life stages which will culminate with weaving a traditional Balinese friendship bangle taught to us by Balinese children.

You will be given a journal with Life Coaching activities to do over the 10 days if they resonate with you.

“If we don’t understand our desires, passions, and feelings, how can we champion them?

PLEASURE – Be Replenished.

What pleases you?

What makes you feel beautiful?

What are you passionate about?

Do you feel okay to be indulgent and even a little selfish?

You are not stepping away from the web of family, relationships or work responsibilities, they are part of your life however not your entire life. Having pleasure is replenishing yourself which means to be full or complete again – to refuel so you can continue with life feeling calm, balanced and excited.

After a lifetime of being all things to all people, this is your time to put yourself first or at least first equal. You may find this difficult however if you are reading this then perhaps not. You were born into a generation of incredible women who unfortunately were often denied their middle years. Antidepressants and hormone replacement were the answers to cope or manage the change in life. Encouragement to take time out to replenish was not given as an option. Did you see your mother put herself first?


Eating yummy food, drinking fresh fruit juices, reading, relaxing, walking the beach and swimming.


Massages on tap.

A Day Spa treatment at a luxury outdoor hideaway created to connect the body and soul. This will be the creme de la creme! Here is what they have to say:

“ Craving some grown-up time with a side serving of pampering and tropical indulgences. Discover a new level of relaxation provided by our friendly trained team on the stunning island of Nusa Lembongan.  Tonic Body and Soul is your tropical island one-stop massage and feel better destination that specializes in creating a blissful refreshing and restorative experience. “

“The call of the wild urges freedom over fear, and after any time away in natural surroundings, we go from being careful and appropriate to daring and abandoned.”

PLAY – Be Energised.

To simply have some exercise and activities in your life for recreation and amusement, play human games, rough and tumble, flirtation and fantasy are more than just fun. Play is deeply involved in human development and intelligence. There has been a strong correlation between success and playful activity. What did you love doing as a child so much that you got totally absorbed in the play? Doing what you love gives you the energy to be exactly who you want to be, you promised yourself when you were little. Allowing yourself to be curious about the play is an important part of your healing process. Your spirit needs to frolic, so you can return to innocence and start to remember those things that gave you so much pleasure and joy.

What do you do for the sheer love of it? Not because it needs to be done or has to be done because someone else is asked you to do it and you have politely agreed. What lights you up, make you swoon, tickle your taste buds, tantalize your sensors. What do you really enjoy doing, do you find it a difficult question to answer? Many of us, if we have been juggling things in all those responsibilities, have lost touch with what makes us feel good. We become accustomed to looking after the needs of everyone else and prioritizing our own needs feel selfish or just not important. Allow yourself to be curious and turn up the play volume while you are in Bali.


Snorkeling and even swimming with Manta Rays if weather permits.

Balinese cooking class with a meal included.

An action-packed day biking in the rice paddy fields of Ubud with a meal included.

Traveling on a truck around Nusa Lembongan. (Bound to be loads of laughs.)

Midlife movie watching – A Year by the Sea based on Joan Anderson’s autobiography.

“I wish for you, retreat time – be at an hour, a day, or a weekend, to recapture your essence and be that person. Full to the brim with feminine energy – an energy that will do a world of good to yourself and those around you.”

Imagine what you will get up to with TEN days of purpose, pleasure, and play.

All the above activities are included in the Adventure price as well as 10 nights accommodation with breakfast. A welcome dinner, meal with Ubud day and cooking class also included.

1 yoga session and 1 massage included.

What is not included is Airfares (approx $1000.00 NZ), lunches and dinners except those mentioned. Drinks, extra massages and yoga and of course shopping treats.


Room on your own $2400 –

Shared Accommodation $2100.

Your place is confirmed with a $500.00 non-refundable deposit, Full payment is due 6 weeks before departure.

May 22nd, 2020 is now full.

Please express your interest in the November Balinese Bliss Adventure 2020 by clicking HERE. I take a maximum of eleven women.