Women die in their fifties but aren’t buried till their eighties.

If you potentially have thirty years ahead of you, do you really want to be lost in the wilderness?

I was lost for a short while until I saw the above quote. I then got motivated and trained as a Life Coach and now work with women like yourself.

Do you notice as you get older some whispers quietly start revealing to you that things aren’t quite right?  You became aware of an inner ache, a hunger for more. Things that used to rock your world no longer hold the same passion or excitement.

The children have left home, the relationship needs a reboot, the career is feeling stagnant, life has lost its lustre and your body is whispering “take notice.” Trust me, if you choose to ignore these whispers then the volume will increase and the four major areas of pain will begin to roar in your ear.

Death, Disease, Divorce or Redundancy.

This time hasn’t been labelled the golden years for nothing. It is a time of questioning and feeling lost, confused, over whelmed, tired and even feeling  numb can be the norm. Trust me though, from this place can come some powerful questions that need answering.

You can begin to ask yourself who you could be now, what could life look like if you changed your routine and were prepared to walk away from the daily grind.  How could you feel if you question the status quo and started taking some time back for you.

Can you start feeling that glimmer of hope? Could this be a time to refresh your sagging spirit, be spontaneous, be wild, be free and begin to enjoy the present? Break out of your rut and have some fun.

I am here to tell you “hell yes”, the golden years do mean that midlife is potent and extraordinary and I am here to hold your hand and have your back while you rediscover your gold. All your past knowledge, skills, experiences- good and bad- your contributions and your passions can shape a new you.

No more of this midlife crisis nonsense, midlife does involve transition however let’s look at this positively and call it Midlife Chrysalis. There is an unfolding that needs to take place but with Midlife Courage by your side we can find that voice within and make some noise together

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